When thinking back at our experience with Kyle Rossiter during the sale of our house, I can come up with nothing but praise. Kyle put in extraordinary effort in order to get our house sold. He managed to keep the number of interested buyers as high as possible. However, some of this you might hear about other realtors, too. What distinguished Kyle is that from day 1 of selling our house, he identified with us and was not just a “realtor”, but fought for the item he had to sell, our house. Another characteristic of Kyle is that he updated us on the selling process on a regular basis and could always be reached for updates. He also has an unmatched ability to assess the current market situation accurately and does not give false expectations. Kyle therefore always talked to us at our level, making us feel as comfortable as possible during the selling process. Because of his efficiency, accessibility and his true intention to fight for his customers, we would therefore not hesitate to choose Kyle again.

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